The Presence Of God


Every single person desires in one way or another to improve their life. Perhaps they want to be a better baseball player, a better student, a better spouse, or they want to serve God better.


There are many ways we have tried to make this happen. We confess affirmations, read the Bible, and even pray for an hour straight in some cases. We’ve read books and sought out people who could help us change an area of our life that we wanted to be different.


An old man thinking about life and God.


All of these things have their place, but we often overlook the most important means by which we can experience change. Lasting change comes from the presence of God. It comes from spending quality time with the Master.


God’s Spirit Changes You

It’s true. The spirit of God can move in your life and change any number of situations. He can even change you in a moment.


When we take time to study and read the Bible, we get to know God better. The thing is, in his presence is when we get to really know him.


In His presence, there is something supernatural that happens. The cares of this world seem to melt away. Stress, anxiety, and worry cannot stick around. They make a mad dash for the exit.


A tennis ball sits still on the edge of a court.

Squeeze a Ball

If you have ever held a tennis ball in your hand and squeezed it, the ball would conform to how your hand is shaped. However, the moment you release the ball, it jumps right back into its original form. This happens without fail. Every time you hold something that puts pressure on your hand, upon releasing it, the original shape comes back around.


This is exactly how many Christians experience their walk with God. They experienced an amazing time of worship and conformed to the image of God like never before. However, over time they resort back to how they were. They right back to the same old habits and experiences before they experienced God.


Here’s the key difference. Imagine holding something soft in your hand. A ball that is pliable. When you squeeze it and then let go, it holds the shape of your hand. This is what it’s like to be in the presence of God. It’s life-changing and forever alters you in a beautiful way.


A girl reading the bible in God's presence.

Spend Time With God

When we spend time with the Lord, in his presence, he can actually shape us and make us more into the image of Jesus. My challenge for you is to go Beyond seeing what needs to be changed and to Simply become a surrendered vessel in the hands of the Potter.


Allowing the word we hear preached and Desiring to see change is a good thing. But go a step further and allow your relationship with God to mold you and transform you.


Don’t be like so many Christians who know about God but don’t really have a relationship with him. This actually causes more damage than we know.


Choose to spend time in God’s presence, get to know him more, and develop your relationship with him. Then whenever the scriptures enter your ears and your heart, they will bring about lasting, transformational change.

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